Coffee (with cats!)

Place: THIS IS A COFFEE SHOP (with cats)

Where: London, England

Address: 7 Rivington Street, EC2A 3QB

Orientation for my internship program was out in Shoreditch, which was perfect because I was looking for an excuse to get out there to explore! As soon as we got in, I loved it there was so much!  All the street art and interesting places I could have spent days just wandering through the streets.


One of the places we went to was a cat cafe (mind the embarrassing pic of me in the door)! Some girls in my intern group and I were walking to brunch and we passed a cat in the window so like naturally we had to stop and say hi. Then we realized there was a woman inside laughing at us because we were so excited to see the said cat, and that’s when we realized it was an entire cafe dedicated to cats.


I’m not talking like four or five cats here either, I’m talking 15 CATS. It was incredible. There was Big Red Fred, who is the quickest fat cat you will ever meet. He hops onto the table to greet you when you sit down and you can even get a toy to play with all the little guys. As soon as I sat down at our table, I noticed we were sitting right next to the cutest sleeping floof.


Since we had just come from brunch I ordered a cup of tea, and my friend Allie got a slice of cake (which was gorgeous).  We still had an hour and a half to burn after our brunch so this cafe ended up being the perfect place for us to relax, play with all the cats and chat.  Even their dishes were cat themed!  This place was so aesthetically pleasing, even their bathroom had marble.  If you’re worried about the place having a “cat smell”, fear not because all I could smell was the amazing food and coffee they had to serve.


Such a cute lil sleepy fluff!


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