Austrailian Brunch in the Heart of London

Place:  Beany Green

Where: London, United Kingdom

Address:  Unit 6C, Sheldon Square London W2 6EZ

On Instagram, I asked all my followers what posts they wanted to see next, and Beany Green took home the number one vote!  I was glad y’all wanted to hear about it because this place is one for the books.  While I was working in London this summer, my mom came to visit me for a long weekend.  It was really nice to have her come and show her around London and all the places I had been.  While looking for things to do one day, I knew that I wanted to show her this cute little area past where I worked.  My office was out in Paddington, so I was lucky enough to be near areas like Hyde Park or Little Venice.  My mom came to visit the weekend after I got back from Amsterdam, so I was still in a canal mood.  If you’re ever around the area of Paddington, definitely head to check out the area, it’s gorgeous.

I took her to this cute looking breakfast place near Little Venice and ended up falling in love with the food so much, I went back the next weekend with my friends for round two.  

Now anyone who knows me I have a massive place in my heart for food, so when I find a place as amazing as this, it makes my heart sing.  First up was the banana bread breakfast sandwich.  Yes, you heard me right, and it’s award-winning

I mean look at that baby.  You got two pieces of super moist banana bread, and in between is mascarpone, fresh berries, almonds, and sauce.  Not only was it one of the most beautiful things to look at, but it also tasted incredible.  My mom settled for a more staple breakfast without their charcoal toast.  

But yea moving on to the CHARCOAL TOAST:

My friend Allie was bold enough to try the toast, and she said it was really good with no odd charcoal taste.  Out of all the food I’ve been able to eat (mine or off someone else’s plate…) every single one of our dishes was cleared.  I don’t know what I miss most about London, but I can promise you that the back bacon that Beany Green serves is a contender for top 5.  If you want to stay updated on my blog and life, follow my Instagram!

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