THE Wellness Store in Dallas

Place: Jade and Clover

Where: Dallas, TX

Address: 2633 Main St #150, Dallas, TX 75226

Deep Ellum is one of my favorite places to explore in Dallas. Full of great restaurants, fun bars, and unique stores, Deep Ellum is one of the best places to explore on a nice day. This past week my boyfriend was in town visiting me in Dallas, and one day we walked around exploring the area!

We stumbled into this ADORABLE wall of this storefront, and I yelled “PLANT BABIES” because of how cute all the little succulents are! They had shelves of skincare products to choose from, and even crystals you can buy. The store is FULL of adorable books that deal with wellness like how to use crystals, astrology, personal journals… and perfect decorations to place around your home. We went inside to look around, and it turns out Jade and Clover has a Plant Bar!

Along the wall is a vast amount of planters that you can pick from, and honestly choosing a planter was so hard for me that I may just go back to make another. They supply you with the soil, and you can even include sand if you want a more colorful design! The staff was SUPER helpful regarding helping plant your succulents or any questions you have.  If you want to have your planter look a little more professional than what you’re capable of, they are more than happy to make your design come to life.

You could pick as many lil guys as you want to pay for, and these aren’t all the ones they even have available! I had such a fun time picking out my succulents and looking at all the different kinds offered! Now you may be thinking what do succulents and these little plants have to do with wellness? Well, succulents not only can purify the air of the room they’re in but also add fresh oxygen as well. Succulents release oxygen during the night, which is unlike most plants, meaning clean air for you 24/7!

Another added bonus for succulents is that they have been found to improve focus (as much as 20%!) Once I picked out my plants and my pot, it was time to assemble! They give you a bowl of soil and some tips on how to plant them in the dirt.

!) Once I picked out my plants and my pot, it was time to assemble! They give you a bowl of soil and some tips on how to plant them in the dirt.

Once you’re done planting your succulents, you can even go one step further by adding plant buddies, rocks, moss, sticks, glitter, or even some Christmas themed characters to spruce it up a little.

I decided to go with white rocks because I wanted a more neutral planter to go in my room. Towards the end, I even decided to add a bit of silver glitter on top for a sparkle 🙂 Look how CUTE it ended turning out!!

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