How I styled my favorite statement pants

Each month, I will be highlighting my favorite outfit from the previous month as a way to add some new content! This is the outfit I’ve chosen for November! I’ve been working on expanding my Fashion and Wellness sections to get my content more even so that being said, make sure to check out my Instagram to see when I ask my followers which blog post they would like to see next!

One thing that some of you may or may not know about me is that I’m majoring in fashion at college! My major has been really awesome, and I love learning about an area I’ve been passionate about since being a kid. Last year I joined the Rent the Runway college team to get some more experience in the field, and this year I got promoted to being the college coordinator for the entire University of Missouri team! Rent the Runway is a company I’ve been using since high school, and if you have any questions about the brand don’t worry- I’m about to make a huge blog post about it explaining the 411!

Since I get the HUGE blessing of being able to work for one of my favorite clothing companies, I can guarantee that at any time I’m at least in one item from Rent the Runway. Please keep in mind that this entire post is NOT sponsored by Rent the Runway, I just want to share with y’all an outfit I loved and share a band that I truly believe in! I make NO money off this post.

Statement pants have been all over my social media feeds, and have really grown in popularity. I found these See by Chloe jeans on Rent the Runway and I INSTANTLY fell in love. I thought the colors in the pants were so pretty and bold, but still easy to match and style. As a College Coordinator, Rent the Runway is kind enough to give me an Update Subscription (it gives me 4 items of clothing/accessories a month all at my choice). While picking out my November items, I knew I needed a warm jacket because I go to college in Missouri and it’s always cold in the winter.

This teddy coat by John + Jenn fit all the requirements! If anyone knows me, I primarily wear the colors black, white, grey, or blue so I loved that Rent the Runway had tons of different color options for me to pick (but I still settled on black!) I threw this jacket over everything, it was so warm! Even my cat Lily loved it, she would sleep on the coat anytime it was laying around my room!

If anyone is wondering “what’s the point of renting clothes?” you’re not alone, below is an image of the cost comparison! Just by renting the jeans you can save $320!! Rent the Runway does 1 time rentals for 4 or 8 day periods giving plenty of time for you to wear your items! It’s seriously saved me THOUSANDS of dollars.

What I loved most about these jeans were how flattering they are! I haven’t worn flare jeans since middle school, so I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to pull them off haha … I paired them with my favorite white shirt from Berksha, and for when I want to emphasize the hippie feel to the look I paired it with my vintage fringe cardigan and gold hoops! Of course, the only pictures I have are of me spinning cause I felt like Fleetwood Mac, so enjoy below!

Hahaha til next time,


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