London’s Most Instagrammable Nail Salon

Place: Townhouse Nails

Where: London, UK

Address: 88 Great Portland St London, W1W 7NS

Back while I was living and working this summer, my co-worker shared with us this adorable new nail salon that had opened right off of Oxford Street in London. For those not familiar with London, Oxford Street is the main street where all the tourists go shopping. It’s just three blocks away, making it the perfect place to relax, sip some bubbly, get your nails done, and then get back to the shopping grind.

When they were advertising themselves as “Instagrammable”, I knew I needed to check the place out. Look how cute their waiting area is! Fortunately enough they were nice enough to give me a mani for free!

While you’re waiting to get your nails done, they give you this adorable book that shows all the colors available for you to pick including designs they do! And I know when you’re thinking designs you’re thinking of those tacky 2000’s nail designs, but no they were so pretty and minimalistic! Their Instagram has some of their best designs.

One of my favorite parts about Townhouse Nails is that they have a camera that will take a picture of your manicure for you and then send it directly to your email! They call it a #nailfie (nail selfie) and the machine was super fun to play with! The only problem is I’m an awkward person who never knows what to do with their hands, so this was the picture I settled on haha

Not only that, but they give you the tools they used to push your cuticles, file your nails, etc. in a goodie bag to take home with you!

Til next time


PS- peep the cute neon they keep across from the pedicure station!!

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