New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, I hear the phrase “new year, new me,” and it’s a phrase that I’ve used (a lot too I’ll admit). 2018 has been an extremely wonderful, sad, weird, uncomfortable year for me and at many times I struggled. Every year we make these resolutions with sometimes unreal expectations, and once it’s not January or February, we give up even if we haven’t even started.

This year I want to start using the phrase “new year, better me”. I don’t want to reinvent myself, I am not setting unrealistic expectations, I just want to spend the year waking up each day striving to be a better person than the day before.

I choose this picture for my resolutions post because it shows genuinely happy I was in that moment. Each day in 2018, I tried to wake up and say “it’s a good day” and when I was going to bed “it was a good day.” That mindset completely shifted my mindset for the year even if it was a hard day or a day I hated, just by saying that simple phrase when I was looking back on 2018, I felt happy. This is a practice I will carry into my future, along with these resolutions:

“GLOW” : cut out negativity from my life (people, thoughts, social media accounts that make me feel bad…), work on my depression and anxiety, take care of myself from the inside out (eat well, drink water, take my medicine…)

“INVEST” : spend more time with friends, work on my blog and towards my future, widen my social circle and start connecting with more people, start saving money the future, learn more about what I’m passionate about

“CULTIVATE” : one of my favorite things said by one of my Soul Cycle instructors is “you get what you give”. She says this when we are pushing our hardest in class because we all scream out in support during these sprints. This is one of my favorite things she says because it translates so perfectly into real life. You get out of relationships what you put in. The support you hear in the class when you’re panting and dying makes you push harder, and so this year I want to be that voice of support.

I want 2019 to be the year where we can just be who we are without being worried of backlash and negativity. The world can be such an ugly place, and if we just strive to live each day a little better, think of how beautiful the world could become.

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