Snakeskin Vibes

If you couldn’t tell from my Instagram feed, I’ve been a little in love with the snakeskin trend and this outfit is no exception.

outfit details

After posting this picture to my Insta, I got TONS of comments asking about my outfit so I decided to let you guys in on the details!

My earrings are from Gem and Company and anything you buy from them with the code “YANCEY20” will get you 20% off! These earrings are the perfect statement, plus they aren’t heavy at all.

I got my sunglasses off Amazon and they’re super cheap! They have a bunch of different color options, I may buy the red pair next (and the white).

outfit details

Both my top and my pants come from Berksha, and they’re both ON SALE!!!! Berksha is one of my FAVORITE websites to find clothes on because it’s relatively unheard of over in the USA. It’s owned by the same company as Zara, but since it’s remained over in Europe (besides a pop-up store every now and then) it’s still under the radar.

My shoes are Adidas and they are also available on Amazon! This is my second pair of these shoes because I love them so much. Now I know it’s super basic to have Adidas sneakers, but these have Cloudfoam in them, making them feel like a cloud.

outfit details

Disclaimer: This post includes some affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, I get a small cut of the price, at no additional cost to you.  

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