About This Blog

Hello, and welcome to The Guidebook! Are you someone often considered “extra”?  Do you care more about the Instagram likes you get than you do about your job?  Has the phrase “wellness hoe” entered your mind as you spend all your money on skin care products with little to no clue what they will actually do?  Well then we have a lot in common, and that’s why I’ve created The Guidebook.  I wanted to create a place for people to go where all the information they could want on fashion, travel, and wellness in one blog.  

I believe that no matter where you are there is something to do or see.  Every place in the world is worth experiencing, and I want to share with you those places.  Constantly people are telling me that I find or go to unique places, and I felt like it was about time that more than just my friends got to learn about where I go!  

Not sure where to go from here?  All my posts are funneled into either Fashion, Travel or Wellness making everything easy for my readers to find.  If you have a certain topic, location, or whatever in mind just head over to the search bar on the side and search away!  I’ve separated my Travel section into different categories making it easier for everyone to find things to do in their area of interest.    

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So hey, I’m Megan, the face being The Guidebook! I always knew I loved traveling, but it wasn’t until I studied abroad in Spain the summer before my senior year of high school that I really knew HOW much I loved to travel. That trip I made to Spain sparked that passion, and I’ve been crazy passionate about traveling and adventures. Growing up I had always loved fashion, but it wasn’t I began college and started on my major’s path that I realized just how much I loved it. I can’t wait to grow this blog and share my little corner of the world with everyone! It’s gonna be one hell of a ride!